it's aliiiiiive!

Frankenware is a prototyping and testing tool that helps budding entrepreneurs create interactive, lifelike simulations of their product. These online prototypes can then be sent to potential customers so that the entrepreneur can validate the product before investing in a development team.

When sqribbly began working with Frankenware, the company had a working alpha version of the product, but the design lacked an intuitive user experience‚Äďand, as a result, the company had few entrepreneurs actually using the product. Looking to the Google Design Handbook for inspiration, we designed a clean, minimalist aesthetic with an expanded editing space.

With a new-and-improved UI, Frankenware 2.0 was launched (along with a fresh new website, which we also designed). People began using Frankenware for their prototypes, and they even began generating sales with them! When we learned that one user lined up a multi-million dollar pipeline of sales off of just a Frankenware prototype alone, we called victory on our work together.

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