keeping the momentum in a new market.

The Venture Highway platform uses a series of online modules (typically purchased by a university or instructor) to guide students through the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. From the lean startup model, to completing the Business Model Canvas, to funding and exiting a company, Venture Highway helps students understand what goes into being an entrepreneur–before they take the plunge and start a company. By the time we started working with them, Venture Highway had secured over thirty partnerships with universities across the country.


But Venture Highway saw a more wide-sweeping application to their technology. In addition to producing and sourcing e-learning content, the company provided a document management system for professors to keep track of students' assignments for each respective module. And when one of the company's institutional investors, NCT Ventures, saw the platform in action, they realized that the document management system could service another untapped market–venture firms and accelerators.


We contracted with Venture Highway to design a mobile-responsive website for this new product, called VH4Biz. After meeting with the founders, the company's institutional investor, and other e-learning experts on the Venture Highway team, we set out to analyze competitors' products and develop a brand that would stay true to Venture Highway's roots, yet appeal to a new market.


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